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Social/possible raid wannabe recruit for Sarajin (Read 1334 times)
03/11/18 at 22:27:40

Sarajin   Offline
Space for Rent

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Evening Lemmings!
Noticed the forum isn't so active on the public side so hopefully someone may spot this application.

Social Application for Sarajin

About Toon: Name, Class, Level, Spec, etc.
Sarajin, Troll Shaman, 100 currently (recently returned after a year break); used to Resto, leveling and dabbling in ele and enhance'. Etc = I proudly wear me "Crazy Cat Lady" title!

About Player: Tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you. Your name, country, hobbies or interests, etc.
I'm over in the UK, just sauth of London town. I work for a JCB company, so know my diggers and backhoe loaders!
Also love any excuse to travel Smiley

About Lemmings: Who you know in Lemmings, and why you want to join us.
Lemmings have always been about and around since I made the jump from ER to AD back around 20-and-erm-09ish (played since beta 2004) and have many fond friends/aquaintances in LoL... Rudaman poked me to say hello as I was toying with resubscribing to WoW after a long break (now jumped in feet first with a 6 month subscription!) and highly recommended you all.

About WoW: The sort of things you like doing in game, and what times you tend to play.
Love the immersion; enjoy a touch of RP, but most of all, love winning in either tough fights with others in raids, or dungeon/world events.
I am slowly getting back into WoW since I resubscribed ("time is money friend"), but only found a couple of nights a week (at the moment) to focus.

Are you over 18 and able to communicate fluently in English?
Zug, zug!
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