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Social application -- Hote (Read 1673 times)
10/27/14 at 15:17:05

Hote   Offline
Feral Lemming
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Frederikssund - Denmark

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About Toon: Høte, Shaman, 90, Enhancement, atm hes resting in peace until blizzard get their head straight.

Homerj, Death knight 90 Frost/unholy/ blood solo

About Player: Hi my name is Marc Bundgaard ime 29 from Denmark, Ølstykke/jyllinge i am a former old member off Dark Tide from back in the day, i joined DT around 53 or so and was with them until end bc raiding before i went more social and pvp minded.

in my free time i enjoy alot off stuff here a glance off them.


and menny more.

daily i work for a company named Haldor Topsøe, in frederikssund, its a huge production facility where we make catalyst. i do production work, and KAT-Training off new/old employes in standard and new processes.

before this i used to work as mould mechanic.

About Lemmings: ime really bad with remembering names, but Soulja, kanio, Argor, Kaltarakk, are the names i remember not sure if they are all still there, i probably know more but forgot the names.

About WoW: i used to love raiding in wow, but it got to time consuming, so i went pvp, but that is just as timeconsuming. so i went really social for along time and probably still am, so now i mainly do some soloing, i love the old content, vanilla, bc, some wotlk, i mainly play hmmzz, i play all times off the day, since my work scheduale switches from night to day and its 12 hour shifts.

i am mainly on my dk atm, but just add my battletag or poke soulja he got me on.

battletag: Hote#2894

Best Regards. Marc

sry if the application got a bit long.
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I see you're in the guild already so closing this Smiley

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