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Applying to Lemmings (Read 4200 times)
12/27/10 at 16:27:08

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Welcome to the Legion of Lemmings forums!   Please take the time to read this thread and our Multimedia File Viewing and Clickable Links are available for Registered Members only!!  You need to Login or Register carefully before you make an application.

What Lemmings Want When Not Jumping Cliffs

Lemmings is much more than just a raid guild, we are a community of friends with many varied interests both in and out of game.  With a diverse spread of different backgrounds and personalities we are very careful about who we admit into our little online world, the following will give you a better idea of what we as a guild and raid group are looking for in our members.

We want easy-going, friendly and helpful people
A guild is not just a means to an end or a way of progressing your own character.  In Lemmings all members are expected to interact with the rest of the guild to some degree - This can be as simple as joining in with guild chat.  You should be willing to take a few minutes to help other Lemmings, either answering questions, assisting with a quest or sharing materials for crafting.   We're a community and we work best when we work together.   That doesn't mean you can expect to be twinked with no effort on your part - scroungers of either time or items will get spanked.

We want people who understand that this is an MMO
That means that you realise there is another person sitting at the end of every toon and you treat them with some basic courtesy. You obey server rules like the roleplay and naming policies and do not attempt to exploit either the game or other players.  You also appreciate that people are fallible and have off-days, text is a poor communication medium and can often be misunderstood, allow people a little leeway, and remember that everyone enjoys different aspects of the game and has their own goals.

We want smart, resourceful people
That doesn't mean you need to be a certified genius, but being able to use your own initiative is a big bonus.  And while we are all more than happy to answer the odd question no-one wants to spend their free time babysitting in-game.  There are plenty of WoW resources out there, if you find something useful please do share it in-game or on the forums.

We want people who put the guild before themselves
We're not asking you to devote your entire gametime to the guild, but please keep in mind that anything you do with carrying the Lemmings guild name will reflect upon us as a whole.   If you steal nodes, ninja-tag mobs, corpse-camp or otherwise act the maggot you will damage our reputation.   If you have a huge stack of materials taking up space in your bank, why not see if someone else can benefit from them.

We want people for whom the journey is more important than the destination
While everyone is excited to get new gear or achievements it's much more fun to work towards it together in a relaxed and friendly environment.   Loot-whoring or whining will not be tolerated.

We want over-18's
While this might be a bit harsh to some otherwise great potential members, Lemmings is a mature guild with an average age approaching 30 and we're used to a certain level of freedom in guild chat.  While you might feel you're mature for your age some Lemmings would feel awkward with minors in the guild and unable to relax.  Please don't be tempted to lie about your age simply to get into the guild or raid, eventually you'll get found out and we wont be pleased.

Social Applications

As already mentioned Lemmings is more than just a raid guild, we have plenty of people interested in all aspects of the game, from Arena and Battlegrounds to Roleplay or Achivements or simply chatting away while fishing.   
The only requirements for being a social are the ability to communicate fluently in English, being over 18, and knowing at least one full member of Lemmings who will support your application.  Please be aware that applying and being accepted as a social does not mean you will be given a raid spot should one open up, you will be required to make a formal raid application.

Social applicants can use the following template:

Social Application for [name]

About Toon:  Name, Class, Level, Spec, etc.
About Player:  Tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you. Your name, country, hobbies or interests, etc.
About Lemmings: Who you know in Lemmings, and why you want to join us.
About WoW: The sort of things you like doing in game, and what times you tend to play.

Are you over 18 and able to communicate fluently in English?

Raid Applications

To avoid disappointment, please first check out Multimedia File Viewing and Clickable Links are available for Registered Members only!!  You need to Login or Register to see if we have an opening for your class/role.  Even if we not currently recruiting it may be worth making an application as we are always on the look out for skilled players.

Raiders are held to a higher standard than Socials so please read the following carefully, if you don't meet the criteria then it may be wise to postpone your application until such time as you do.

Raiders must meet the following requirements:

The Toon:
- must be 85
- must be appropriately geared and speced for main role, including gems, chants, reforging, etc.
- must have an acceptable off-spec and gear set.
- must be able to join the Lemmings Guild.

The Player:
- must be over 18 with unrestricted playtime and a mature outlook.
- must be able to communicate fluently in English
- must be able to attend at the majority of our raids (currently Thursday/Sunday/ Monday 19:00-23:00 server time)
- must have a comprehensive raiding experience, although this does not need to all be with the current toon/role you should have some heroic or raid experience in the role for which you are applying.
- (in the case of hybrids) must have a working knowledge of off-spec roles and able to be flexible when it comes to raid balance.
- must have a stable connection and a computer capable of handling raids

Raiders can use the following template:

Raid Application for [name], [class], [role]

About Toon:
Main Spec & Average Gearlevel:
Preferred Off Spec:
Achievement Points/Goals:

About Player
Info:  Nationality/location/job/hobbies/etc anything you like so we can get to know you a little bit.

About Raiding
Current/Previous Raid Group/Guild:
Reason for Leaving:
Raid Experience / Roles:

About Lemmings
Lemmings known:
Reason for wanting to join Lemmings:

Anything else you want to tell us to support your application.

Compulsory Questions
Are you over 18?
Are you able to communicate fluently in English?
Are you able to attend all out raids?
Is your computer/connection capable of handling raids?

Please provide your armoury link in the next post.

Cross-Realm Applications
We do not accept social applications from cross-realm unless a full member of Lemmings can support your application. 

Raiders, please complete the raiding application as normal and provide a toon on Argent Dawn through which we can contact you if you've not yet moved your main.   Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you a permanent raid spot until we have had a chance to trial you.

Please bear in mind the server policies (RP, name, etc) when transferring your toon.

Trial and Mentoring

Both Social and Raider applicants are invited initially on a trial basis to allow them and us to get used to each other and see if there is a fit.  You'll be given a mentor who will help you settle into the guild and find your feet.  They'll be able to answer any questions you may have or direct you to the appropriate part of the forums.

Trials end once we feel we have gotten to know you sufficiently to see if you're a Lemming, this largely depends on how active you are and how involved you get with guild chat, events or the forums.

If you're successful you'll be promoted to the appropriate rank, if not then we wish you best of luck in finding a home that suits and thank you for giving us a try.

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