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Message started by Anat on 12/27/10 at 15:01:05

Title: Cataclysm Recruitment Status
Post by Anat on 12/27/10 at 15:01:05
This thread contains details of our current recruitment needs.   Please take a look to see if we have a spot for your class/role before applying in order to avoid disappointment, "Possible spot" means we are not specifically recruiting that class but we have an availability within that role (tank/healer/melee/ranged).

Recruitment Status as of 07/02/2012
Death Knight Possible spot for blood spec
Druid Possible spot
Hunter Not actively recruiting
Mage Not actively recruiting
Paladin Recruiting for prot spec
Priest We're seeking 1 priest, preferrably Healing specced but will consider any spec.
Rogue Not actively recruiting
Shaman Possible spot
Warlock Possible spot
Warrior Not actively recruiting

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